Marshall (KMHL)- Over the past couple of years, Marshall Municipal Utilities completed a more than $11.5 million project at the city water plant to pre-soften municipal water, using soda ash and lime. The project’s goal is to cut down on the amount of water softener salt households and businesses need to use, because that salt ends up in city wastewater and the Redwood River.

Bolton & Menk has been awarded $250,000 chloride reduction grant that will be split between the cities of Worthington and Marshall, Anderson said. The grant requires a 25% match, which comes to $31,250 from each city.

According to a proposed cost outline from Bolton & Menk, Marshall would receive $100,000 to invest into a rebate program or other incentives to cut back on salt in the city’s wastewater. The rebate program could potentially help Marshall residents cover the cost of adjusting their water softeners or replacing outdated water softeners.

(Story from Marshall Independent- Deb Gau)