MARSHALL (KMHL) – The Marshall School District took a big step forward in its work to reopen schools this fall. During a presentation to the school board, administrators outlined their plans for the 2020-21 school year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marshall’s “Return2Learn” plan has three components. A Face-to-Face re-opening of schools, a distance learning plan and a hybrid plan, which is a combination of the two.

If the board approves the plan at their next meeting in mid-August, it would base the decision on how to re-open schools on data from the Department of Health on COVID-19 infections in Lyon County. The plan would allow the district to go from one phase to another, depending on the rate of infection in the county.

Officials say, if the school year were to start today, school would open in a hybrid model. Under that model, students would be in school 3-to-4 days a week, on a rotating basis, and distance learning the other days.

Parents could keep students at home if they choose

One facet of the plan would allow parents, who are not ready or concerned about sending their students back to school, at home for the year.

It’s part of the district’s “Return2Learn” plan. In Marshall’s case they are calling it “Learn@Home.”

Gov. Walz directed school district’s last week to make arrangements for those who are not ready to return to regular school yet, to learn at home.

School officials ask that parents inform the district by August 14th if they plan to have their children learn at home. Elementary parents would have to commit to learning at home each quarter, middle and high school parents would need children to commit to it for the semester.

Officials say the “Learn@Home” plan would be different than distance learning and would use programs more tailored to teaching children in the home.

The school board will vote on the “Return2Learn” plan on August 17.