2017 Legendary Service Award winner Roger Ricke, congratulates 2020 award recipient Bob Richards.

MARSHALL (KMHL) – A Marshall Hy-Vee employee has received the company’s highest honor. Hy-Vee Fuel Station Manger Bob Richards received the Legendary Customer Service Award from Hy-Vee yesterday.

The award is given annually to only 9 of Hy-Vee’s 85,000 corporate employees.

Richards has been an employee of Hy-Vee for 32 years. He began as a member of the night stock crew and has advanced to serving as Fuel Station Manager.

Richards becomes the third Marshall Hy-Vee employee to receive the prestigious distinction. Cheryl Overland was recognized in 2010. General Manager of Merchandise Roger Ricke was also presented the award in 2017.

Candidates are nominated for the Legendary Customer Service Award by their co-workers, and winners are selected through a panel of Hy-Vee’s corporate officers.