MARSHALL — Marshall residents will now be able to turn their front yard into a garden. The Marshall City Council approved an ordinance that changes their definition of a pollinator garden, and removes most limitations on where gardens can be planted. Members approved the ordinance by a vote of 3-1 after the public hearing in which there was no input from community members.  

Pollinator gardens contain plants that are pollinator-friendly, according to the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources. Vegetation must not exceed 15 inches in height and must be cut to that height at least once a year between April 15th and July 15th.  

Previously, flower, vegetable, and pollinator gardens could only be planted in back yards, but the proposed update removed that requirement. Now gardens can be planted in front and side yards, however they must not be planted in the right of way, and must be five feet away from property lines and buildings.