MARSHALL — The Marshall City Council held a public hearing on an ordinance halting the commercial sale, manufacture or distribution of cannabis. After the hearing, the Council voted and approved the ordinance. However, the ordinance does allow the municipal liquor store to offer lower-potency THC products. The ordinance only applies to commercial use and would not prohibit people from possessing cannabis products in Marshall, or growing marijuana for personal use. The council isn’t expected to revisit the issue until winter or spring 2024.


The council also approved a pre-development agreement on a proposal to build a family apartment complex and senior living complex near London Road. Tapestry Companies, a metro-based company, proposed a 60-unit affordable family apartment complex and a 65-unit senior living complex, with hopes of receiving Minnesota Housing Tax Credit funding to support the project. The current plan for the family complex calls for 12 one-bedroom, 32 two-bedroom, 12 three-bedroom and six four-bedroom apartments.

The agreement calls for the land to be sold for $1 once the project is considered practical by the city. The affordable family apartment complex project is estimated at $22 million, and the senior independent living complex would be approximately $18 million.