MARSHALL (KMHL) – Officials from the Magellan pipeline made a contribution to the Cottonwood, Hanley Falls and Marshall Fire Departments yesterday.

Magellan Manager of Operations Jason Huso says they made the donations as a way to say thank you to the departments for helping in the response to the pipeline release that occurred in late April near Cottonwood.

“It was really critical with the fire department helping us identify the exact location of the release and then getting the boom deployed in the drainage channel,” said Huso.

The departments responded to scene to help control the spill after the leak occurred when the pipeline was shot. Huso says their efforts and collaboration and quick response made a big difference.

“All of those I think acted together to really help mitigate the overall impact to the public and to the environment,” said Huso.

Magellan is making the $5000 contribution towards each department. He said those funds can be used how the individual departments see fit.