MARSHALL (KMHL) – There is more testing available for COVID-19 than weeks or even a month ago. The state of Minnesota has been ramping up testing across the state.

Avera Marshall Chief of Staff Dr. Steven Meister said if someone has symptoms they should call about being tested.

“If you’ve lost your sense of smell, taste, if you’ve had a fever, achy, cough, certainly shortness of breath,” said Meister. “Diarrhea and vomiting, early in the course of the disease were not known symptoms, now they’re kind of there. So call and ask.”

For seasonal allergy sufferers Meister says it can be tough to tell the difference.

“If you have the achyness, or a fever or some symptom on top of your normal allergies that’s not typically there, please call that 877 At Avera number,” he added.

Meister said he would rather have someone call and ask if they question whether or not they should be tested.