MARSHALL (KMHL) – More than 200 people turned out for a peaceful protest that was held in Marshall Wednesday evening.

Protesters called for systemic change to stop racism and justice in the wake of the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis last week.

“It’s awesome to see people come out like this,” said rally organizer Jess Dressen of Marshall.

Organizers rallied and chanted in Memorial Park, then marched up East College Drive and then back and through downtown. While in the park, they chanted, prayed and cheered when drivers passing by offered their support by sounding the car’s horn.

Alicia Stone, of Marshall is a mother of three biracial children, she says for her this change is about safety for her children because she fears for them everyday.

“I have a seven year old that does live in Minneapolis with his father and he has been called the “N word” more times than his dad has ever heard, that’s gotta stop, we have to break this silence,” said Stone.

The main thing was the rally remained peaceful. That was a major emphasis of the group which organized it.

“We’re not here for anything but to come together and be peaceful,” said both Dressen and Stone.