Jelly Roll played at the Houston Rodeo in front of more than 73,000 fans, and he announced on stage that it was the biggest show of his entire life.  This is why we love the guy.  He appreciates it every step of the way.

The Houston Rodeo posted the special moment on social media.  He started with, “My name is Jason ‘Jelly Roll’ DeFord, and I am from Nashville, Tennessee.”  He then pumped up the crowd, waving his arms.

After that he got into a bit of a gospel cadence as he said, “and as of right this second . . . on March 6th of 2024 . . . at the Houston Rodeo, at the NRG stadium . . . This is officially the biggest show of my entire LIFE.”

And the crowd went nuts.  He has an awesome way of preaching to his fans.  It seemed as if his own words hit him hard at that moment, as he got emotional on stage.  The crowd kept screaming as he fought back tears, and pounded his heart.

Later on, he brought his wife Bunnie XO up on stage with him and she acted shy at first.  But when he gave her the mic, she immediately dropped the F-bomb, and Jelly looked horrified.

If you didn’t know, at the Houston Rodeo, they have a strict “no cursing” rule.  But apparently, this does NOT apply to the performers, so they’re in the clear.  But that didn’t stop her from being a little embarrassed after.

(PROFANITY WARNING:  She drops the F-bomb at 1:01 and 1:05 in the video.)