Last month, Applebee’s announced a “Date Night Pass,” which cost $200 . . . but would give you $30 off your next 52 visits, over the next year.  It could be worth more than $1,300 in savings, if you eat at Applebee’s a LOT.

The initial run sold out “in seconds,” but don’t worry, Applebee’s took notice.  They’re making another 1,000 available, due to the, quote, “amazing interest” in these things.

This time, they’re selling them through a lottery, but you’ll still need to act fast.  You can register for the drawing at Applebee’s website, through TOMORROW.

Again, all this is just for the CHANCE to be able to BUY one of these $200 passes.  (No judgment folks, really.)  (???)

The “winners” will be notified by email on Valentine’s Day.  So they can STILL work as a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift . . . IF you’re feeling lucky.