2024 is only a couple weeks old, and we’re already making hypothetical deals with the devil.  Or “Father Time,” if you prefer.

There’s a poll online, where someone asked, “For every year you remove from your life, you get $500,000.  How many years would you give up?”

And yes, these are years shaved off the END of your life, whenever that would happen . . . not, like, cherry-picked years . . . like your high school goth phase.

The most popular answer is “ONE to TWO years.”  About 40% of people said they’d give up the last year or two for $500K or $1 MLLION.  (Those COULD be precious years in your 50s, or ones where you’re drooling on yourself in your 90s.)

About 18% said they’d give up “three or four” for up to two million . . . while another 18% said NO DEAL.  They wouldn’t be willing to give up ANY years.

The next most popular answer was the opposite.  About 15% of people said SHOW ME THE MONEY.  They’d give up “nine years or more,” for at least $4.5 million.

(Here’s the link to the poll.  It’s still ongoing, so the numbers might shift.)

(There are plenty of ways to look at this, especially since we haven’t seen the fine print on things like taxes.)

(But generally speaking, if you have a good-paying job . . . one that earns $100,000 a year . . . you’d have to work 40 years to make $4 million.  Or you could give up eight years, and not have to work at all.)