If you’re blasting the radio because you don’t want to miss a word we say, thanks for taking us that seriously.  But if you’re doing it just to stay AWAKE, you might have a serious health condition.

A study found people who employ “alertness strategies” behind the wheel are more likely to have SLEEP APNEA.

Researchers polled around 100 people with sleep apnea, and 100 people who didn’t have it.  And the ones who did were far more likely to use three or more strategies to avoid dozing off while driving.

The three most common strategies were blasting the radio . . . driving with the windows down . . . and chugging coffee non-stop.

Other strategies include eating . . . chewing gum . . . shifting around in your seat . . . pulling over to take naps . . . and splashing cold water on your face.  (Don’t forget the Jeff Daniels face-slapping technique from “Dumb & Dumber”.)

If you regularly do stuff like that to make sure you don’t fall asleep at the wheel, you might have sleep apnea and aren’t getting a solid night’s sleep.

(Study Finds)