MARSHALL (KMHL/LEARFIELD) – Members of the House Capital Investment Committee will be in Marshall today.

It’s part of a tour of bonding projects that lawmakers will tour in southwest and central Minnesota over the next few days.

Rep. Dean Urdahl (R-Grove City) will be on the tour today. He says the committee chair says there’s quite a gap between where the House and Senate want to be on a bonding bill. According to Urdahl, House Capital Investment Committee Chairperson, Rep. Mary Murphy says the price tag for a bonding bill could go as high as $3.5 billion.

“There’s not that great of an appetite particularly from Republican members of the House and Senate,” said Urdahl. “So when I asked a Senator what he thinks it would be he said he doesn’t think there’s an appetite to go over a billion dollars.”

Urdahl adds that it would be nice to make sure lawmakers are on the same page about a bill ahead of the legislative session.

Lawmakers will be in Marshall today touring the Readiness Center this evening and then following up by listening to other area projects at Southwest Minnesota State University.

They will also be touring projects in Hutchinson, Worthington, Willmar and Mankato over the next few days.