Halle Berry is 57 years old, and still one of the sexiest women alive.  But her latest thirst trap on Instagram is a little off.

It shows Halle wearing lingerie and sitting in the shade of a rock formation.  It’s probably in Saudi Arabia, because Halle recently spent some time there.

But at her feet, there appear to be two piles of POOP.  (???)

At least that’s what several of her followers thought, although some said it could be dried seaweed or coral.  (That would depend on exactly where Halle is, of course.  Saudi Arabia does border both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.)

Halle herself may be pointing it out in the caption, where she says “Couldn’t hide these rocks,” along with a smiley-face emoji.  But it’s not clear if that’s what she’s talking about.

(You can get a closer look at the alleged doo-doo here.)