ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – The Coalition of Greater Minnesota cities says its members tell them the success of the next legislative session hinges on lawmakers passing a large bonding bill for public works projects.

“What we’re saying is that in order to meet the state’s needs the legislature needs to do a bonding bill of at least $1.5 billion,” said Peterson. “We think $1.5 billion or a little bit more is something the state can certainly afford.”

Rep. Mary Murphy (D-Hermantown) said previously the House plans to propose a 3.5-billion-dollar bonding bill — possibly the largest amount ever, and five times what Republicans in the Senate are talking about.

Peterson said the issue could have implications into the 2020 election – particularly for rural lawmakers.

“If it’s a wimpy bonding bill, that means the legislature is not doing its job to its fullest capacity,” said Peterson.

Expect a spirited debate on the issue during the legislative session, which starts in February.