ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – Gov. Tim Walz is pushing Republicans in the Minnesota Senate to hammer out a compromise on gun safety legislation, as the nation reels from mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

Walz says Republicans have hearings next week on turmoil in the state Human Services Department — so why not also talk about gun safety and the stalemated insulin assistance program?

“I do now it’s possible,” said Walz. “We’re doing a DHS hearing, so we’re coming back, we’re going to pay some per diem, we’re going to pay some salary so we can do a DHS hearing, I support them in that, so why not piggy back on an insulin or and a piece of gun control or gun safety legislation.”

Senate Republicans have not yet commented on the governor’s request for hearings on guns or insulin.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Paul Gazelka (R – Nisswa) says the state can continue to focus on mental health issues, but universal background checks “have not proven to eliminate deranged murderers from killing innocent people.”