MARSHALL (KMHL) – Wet soil conditions and lakes and rivers that are full already could lead to another spring of flooding across the area and southwest Minnesota.

But National Weather Service Hydrologist Mike Gillispe tells Marshall Radio there is good news.

“At least as we’re looking right now, going out the next three to six months we’re not seeing those signs of it being another extremely wet year,” said Gillispe. “That will minimize the flooding threat, it’s not going to eliminate it.”

Gillispe says other factors will make the difference, like how much precipitation, how quickly the snow melts and whether or not any rain falls on top of the snow.

“Because of how wet it is, even if we get normal precipitation going forward, we’re probably going to be looking at worse that normal flooding again, because of how wet it is,” said Gillispe.

Gillispe spoke to the Agribusiness group of the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce yesterday. He says there is greater concern this year for flooding along the Big Sioux and Red Rivers.