Flood warnings are ongoing for several rivers across South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Residents are urged to exercise caution, especially at night, avoid walking near riverbanks, and not drive through flooded areas.

The Redwood River at Marshall is experiencing minor flooding, with water levels expected to rise to 16.5 feet by Monday evening and fall below flood stage by Wednesday afternoon. Flood stage is 14.0 feet.

For more information and updates, visit www.weather.gov.

Rivers currently affected include:

  • East Fork Vermillion River near Parker, Turner County
  • Little Sioux River near Correctionville, Woodbury, Cherokee, and Ida Counties
  • Missouri River at Springfield, Bon Homme, and Knox Counties
  • Vermillion River near Vermillion, Clay County
  • Turkey Ridge Creek near Centerville, Turner County
  • West Fork Vermillion River near Parker, Turner County
  • Willow Creek near Crooks, Minnehaha County
  • Pipestone Creek below Pipestone, Minnehaha, Pipestone, and Moody Counties
  • Split Rock Creek below Jasper, Minnehaha, Pipestone, and Rock Counties
  • Little Rock River near George, Lyon County
  • Spirit Lake near Orleans, Dickinson County
  • West Fork Little Sioux River near Lake Park, Dickinson County
  • Redwood River at Russell, Lyon County

Extended flood warnings have been issued for:

  • Skunk Creek at Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County
  • Split Rock Creek near Corson, Minnehaha County
  • Rock River at Luverne, Rock County
  • Redwood River at Marshall, Lyon County

Precautionary Actions:

  • Be cautious at night when flood dangers are harder to recognize.
  • Avoid walking near riverbanks.
  • Do not drive around barricades or through flooded areas.
  • “Turn around, don’t drown.”