Everyday Things People Do That Are “Super Disrespectful”

Now that some places are FINALLY getting ice and snow, it’s even MORE annoying when people leave grocery carts in the middle of a parking lot . . . and yet, they keep doing it, just to be jerks.

People on social media are talking about the everyday things that people do that are “super disrespectful” to those around them.  Here are a few:

1.  Abandoning stuff in a store, in the wrong place or shelf.  If you’re too lazy to return it to where you got it, then just hand it to the cashier at the checkout.

2.  Parents who let their kids run amok in public spaces and don’t do anything when a kid makes a nuisance of themselves.  “The excuse of ‘they’re just a kid’ translates to ‘bad parenting.'”

3.  Neighbors who don’t respect the quiet hours . . . especially after midnight.

4.  Drivers who just hang out in the left lane . . . driving SLOWLY.

5.  People who park in designated spaces that don’t pertain to them . . . like accessible spaces for people with disabilities, or “curbside pick-up” spots.

6.  Not flushing the toilet in public restrooms.

7.  People who don’t clean up after themselves in a communal space . . . like a breakroom, a park, or even a fitting room.

8.  People who just stop walking in the middle of a busy place, like the airport. Just move over to the side.

9.  People who tailgate when you’re driving at or above the speed limit.

10.  People who cough or sneeze in public and don’t cover their mouth . . . or people who spit in public, as they’re walking down a sidewalk or something.

(A lot of people also mentioned talking loudly on the phone in public . . . but honestly, that’s a losing battle at this point.)