Zach Bryan started on YouTube.  So, he’s no stranger to the ways of the World Wide Web.  But even he needs to step away sometimes.

He’s disappeared from social media for months on end before, or deactivated his accounts.  And he explained why in a tweet on Tuesday.

He said it has nothing to do with all the HATERS he has to deal with on there, calling that “a given” when you’re a celebrity.  He just deactivates his accounts when he knows he’s got more important things to focus on.

Quote, “I delete them because I think sometimes people need breaks from exerting energy into these things to put it into other things, like albums and family time . . . and all that boring stuff.”  (Here’s the tweet.)

People in the comments mainly focused on that word ALBUM he mentioned.  Rumor has it his next one, called “The Great American Bar Scene”could be dropping next month.  (Holler)