Dustin Lynch finally got some payback on Luke Bryan, and it was glorious.  If you aren’t familiar, last year at Crash My Playa, Luke Bryan received major blowback for the way he introduced his friend, Dustin Lynch.

While introing Dustin, Luke said that, “No one has taken more drugs, more IVs, and no one has passed more STD tests.”   And while he said he was joking, it did not go over well.


So, a few days after that, Luke invited Dustin to insult him at next year’s festival.


Fast forward a year, and thankfully Dustin took that invitation very seriously.  He went out and hired “The RoastMaster General” himself, Jeff Ross, to torch Luke.  And Jeff pulled no punches.


Some of the best lines were, “Luke has a new single out called ‘Southern and Slow’.  Congrats Luke, you are finally doing something autobiographical.”


And my favorite, “And please welcome number 108 on Rolling Stones Top 100 Country Singers of all time . . . Luke Bryan.”

(After Midnite)


(You can check out the video, here.)