Female doctor giving covid-19 vaccine to a boy

As the school year approaches and COVID cases continue to spike statewide, parents, students and teachers are wondering what kind of year it’s going to be. Department of Education Commissioner Heather Mueller says the safety of students and staff is priority number one: “We are going to really look at ways we are going to be able to continue to partner with our colleagues at the Department of Health to make sure that we are aware of everything that is transpiring as it pertains to the Delta variant and its possible impact on schools.” Mueller says she’s also in regular contact with school administrators and school board members about being proactive to prevent the spread of COVID in the state’s schools.

COVID cases are increasing around the country and statewide. That’s prompting concern from medical officials, including Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) President Marilyn Peitso: “Again, we’re in new territory. The longer we go having portions of our population unvaccinated, the greater the chances that we get into some kind of variant that is more dangerous.” Peitso urging all eligible Minnesotans to get vaccinated in order to protect those who are vulnerable to the virus because of pre-existing health conditions.