With the Super Bowl coming up next weekend, we got to thinking about how awesome Chris Stapleton’s anthem was last year.  And then when we found out that his wife, Morgane, was messing with him for weeks before, it made his performance seem that much better.


Check this, all the way leading up to the big show, she kept sending him “Star Spangled Banner Gone Wrong” moments.  Like she was thinking, “Oh, you are about to perform in front of 150 million people worldwide?  Cool cool, here are a few videos of people absolutely bombing to calm your nerves.”


It either speaks to how great their relationship is, or how totally cool Chris Stapleton is.  Because even with her messing with him, he still rocked it.


(Here’s a link to the whole interview, you can skip ahead a bit to reach the anthem stuff, unless you want to hear about when college basketball coach, Rick Pitino, randomly called him out for his lack of defense.)  (???)

Meanwhile, CBS Sports just put out a list of the best Super Bowl anthems and Chris didn’t even crack the top ten?  Only two country stars made the list, Faith Hill in 2000 at #10 . . . and Carrie Underwood in 2010 at #6.  Where do you think Chris should rank on this list?  (Whiskey Riff)