MARSHALL (KMHL) – The cause of a large fire that destroyed a machine shed about five miles south of Marshall Tuesday night remains under investigation. Marshall Fire Chief Quentin Brunsvold tells Marshall Radio the fire presented a lot of unique challenges.

“In the city I can look around and within 500 feet in any direction, I have a water source,” said Brunsvold. “If I want more than one, I can just grab it and get water wherever I want to, as much water as I can handle.”

He points out that in a rural operation they have to bring the water — and he says it takes time to get that much water there.

Brunsvold estimates they pumped 400,000 to 500,000 gallons of water on the fire, but he said it was complicated to fight because in addition to having to run water to the scene – the fire also burned quite hot.

“With the size of that building itself and the load that’s inside, you have a structure that is completely lined with spray foam,” said Brunsvold. “We in the fire service call that frozen gasoline. It’s extremely hot and burns extremely fast.”

He said the fire tripled in size in seven minutes — going from one side of the building to the full building.

“There’s no way you could ever keep up with that — the best fire department in the state couldn’t keep up with that,” Brunsvold added.

All of the departments from Lyon County and even two from Redwood County assisted to help – largely because of the big need for water.