A Man Was Arrested for Drunk Driving-Instructing?

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This reminds me of those classic anti-drug PSAs where the kid would say, "I learned it by watching you!" A 39-year-old man in Pennsylvania named Jonathan Storms was arrested for drunk driving-INSTRUCTING. Police responded to a call about a reckless driver, who'd driven a white pickup truck off the street, and then . . . while backing up to get back onto the road . . . ran over the sidewalk and some traffic cones. The cops tracked the driver down, and found that it was a 14-year-old boy.  Jonathan was in the passenger seat . . . drunk.  He said [...]

Spelling Is Hard… Especially For These US States

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The Scripps Spelling Bee finals are tomorrow night.  So Google looked at the top words ordinary Americans struggle with.   They posted a map of the top-trending "How to spell" search in all 50 states.  Here are the most EMBARRASSING ones:  11 states can't spell these words that are all six letters or less . . .   1.  California can't spell the word "pretty." 2.  New Mexico can't spell "quiet." 3.  North Dakota's dirty secret is they can't spell "secret." 4.  Kansas struggles with "chaos." 5.  Oklahoma doesn't know how to spell "animal." 6.  Michigan can't spell "cousin." 7.  Ohio can't spell [...]

The USPS Wants You to Get a Larger, Jumbo Mailbox

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If you always set your bills to "paperless," you may go DAYS without getting a SINGLE PIECE of important mail.  So THIS may seem strange: The USPS is asking people with standalone, curbside mailboxes to replace them with larger, JUMBO ones.  (And no . . . it's not to make it an easier target for bat-wielding vandals.) They want to be able to jam more PACKAGES inside. They say it's to reduce the "need for notices-left and trips to the Post Office to retrieve a package."  But let's be honest, it's also to save postal workers the time and effort of dropping them off [...]

Friday Set a New All-Time Record for Air Travel in the U.S.

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Four years ago, virtually NO ONE was flying.  Things have changed drastically since then. On Friday, the TSA said it screened 2.95 million airline passengers . . . a new record for the most ever on a single day.  They haven't said how many people flew yesterday.  The previous record of 2.91 million was set back in November. The airline industry is anticipating a record summer travel season, with an estimated 271 million passengers . . . up 6.3% from last year. In Atlanta, the world's busiest airport had its busiest day ever.  The Atlanta International Airport broke a traffic record on Thursday [...]

A Groom Shot a Wedding Guest in the Hand

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 I can't decide if we should consider this a modern American wedding . . . or a throwback to the 1800s.  Maybe it's both. There was a wedding reception in Indiana earlier this month, where a scuffle broke out . . . and it culminated in the groom FIRING A GUN . . . and shooting a guest in the hand. Indiana State Police responded to a 911 call on May 18th about a possible drunken shooting at a wedding reception. The festivities were winding down, and there was an argument between a wedding guest and his wife, who was accusing [...]

New Music from Zach Bryan, Bailey Zimmerman, Jamey Johnson, and More

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 Happy Tuesday!  Here is the best new music we could find that was just released recently: 1.  "Pink Skies" by Zach Bryan.   2.  "Hell or High Water" by Bailey Zimmerman.  This is on the "Twisters" soundtrack.   3.  "21 Guns" by Jamey Johnson.   4.  "Old Fashioned Feeling" by Midland.   5.  "Where the Good Ones Go" by Chase Bryant featuring Jake Owen.   6.  "Southern Rock" by Travis Denning and Hardy.   7.  "Wanna Be Loved" by The Red Clay Strays.   8.  "Pour Decisions" by Ryan and Rory.   9.  "Right Hand Man" by SJ McDonald.   10.  "Live Fast Die Pretty" by Kayley Green.   11.  "Fast Asleep" by 49 Winchester.  (PROFANITY WARNING: There's an F-bomb at 0:48 in the video.)   12.  "What Would You Do?" by Tucker Wetmore. (And if you haven't heard Jelly Roll singing his new song, "I Am Not OK", [...]

A Basic Memorial Day Cookout Will Cost $30.18 This Year

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Your Memorial Day cookout might cost a little more than last year. "Consumer Affairs" looked at how much seven barbecue staples cost now compared to 2023, and it's a 10% bump.  $27.39 a year ago, and $30.18 now. Most of that is because hamburger meat prices are up, but nothing on the list is cheaper than it was in 2023. They compared data from over 150,000 stores across the country and looked at what you'd need for a basic cookout with burgers and dogs.  Here are all seven items, and what they'll cost the average American this year. 1.  Eight burgers:  $8.07, up 15%. [...]

Dolly Parton Is Working on Her 50th Album

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 Dolly Parton's first album, "Hello, I'm Dolly", came out in 1967.  Fast forward 57 years . . . and now she's working on her 50th album.  This one is rumored to be called, "Dolly Parton: Smokey Mountain DNA".  50 albums, over 57 years, is truly impressive. News about the 50th album has largely been kept under wraps until her niece, singer Jada Star, recently talked to "The Sun".  She said, "It is an album that documents [Dolly's] whole life.  It has been a huge undertaking which involves the whole family." Dolly usually plays it pretty close to the vest with announcements, so you can't help but wonder [...]

There’s a New Airline for Dogs Called Bark Air

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There's a NEW airline that's starting up, which provides a first-class experience . . . for DOGS. It's called Bark Air, and yes, this is a real thing.  And it isn't just an airline where dogs don't have to be in crates in the cargo hold.  (This BLOWS THE DOORS off that.  Sorry, that's a poor choice of words.) The dogs are pampered with plenty of space, along with treats, earmuffs, and beverages . . . including a dog-friendly champagne and even a dog coffee.  (???) This is a luxury charter airline so the prices are high.  It costs $8,000 for a one-way [...]

Furiosa Movie Preview – Popcorn Bucket List Episode 137

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On this week's episode of Popcorn Bucket List, we preview one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Director George Miller returns to the world of Mad Max and we preview what to possibly expect from this action epic. Click the video below to see our full thoughts AND here us give our thoughts on Xmen '97, and Jerry Seinfeld's "Unfrosted" movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL2v-EdVlC4

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