I don’t know what this says about the creative team at Burger King, but they’re DESPERATE for YOUR good ideas.

Burger King has just launched a new contest, where they’re offering a $1 MILLION prize to the person who can come up with their next great “Whopper innovation.”

They say Whoppers currently offer more than 200,000 possible customized combinations . . . but if you’ve ever wanted something different than what they can do, they want to hear your pitch.

To participate, you need one of their free “Royal Perks” accounts, and you can submit your suggestion through their app, or at BK.com/MDW.

They didn’t list many rules, although your submission can only have EIGHT toppings max.  You can’t change the bun, or the burger patty, but those don’t count toward the eight.

You can’t use any allergens . . . like peanuts . . . and you can only pick “edible food items.”  (???)  (So, no kale?)

They’re looking for popularity, so it can’t be so weird no one wants it . . . creativity, anything too close to what they already have won’t cut it . . . and “feasibility,” so it needs to be something they could reasonably stock at a Burger King.

You can send in up to three entries.  The deadline is March 17th.

Three finalists will be chosen this spring, with one winner being named by the end of the year.  The other two finalists will walk away with $200K and $100K.

Also:  They’ll give you a coupon for one FREE Whopper after your first entry.


(Fox 8 / Multivu)