MARSHALL (KMHL) – Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center in Marshall announces the addition Avera eCARE Behavioral Health.

In a press release, Avera says  eCARE Behavioral Health is a virtual health service that supports community hospitals with access to a variety of behavioral health services.

eCARE Behavioral Health gives Avera real-time access to psychiatrists, medical social workers and behavioral health nurses at the eCARE hub in Sioux Falls.

“We are proud to offer eCARE services to our community,” said Avera Marshall Chief Nursing Officer Dodie Derynck. “We have a trusted team right here in Marshall who offer excellent care. Yet we also welcome and appreciate the extra layer of support and expertise that Avera eCARE provides in the realm of behavioral health.”

Derynck says eCARE will allow them to expand their care team and access resources to assist with complex behavioral health partners and crisis situations.

Avera says its has over 25 years of experience in telehealth and the eCARE model is recognized nationally and internationally. Avera eCARE serves 400+ sites in 20 states and the organization says it has saved more than $300 million in health care costs over the past decade, while serving more than 2 million patients.