MONTEVIDEO (LEARFIELD) – The U-S Army Corps (COR) of Engineers is increasing outflows from the Lac Qui Parle Reservoir, upstream from Montevideo.

“We need to release water from those reservoirs,” said Patrick Loch with the Corps’ St. Paul District. “Which is going to impact the downstream users of those rivers.”

Corps (COR) officials say they’re also working with the National Weather Service to update river water-level forecasts at Montevideo and downstream on the Minnesota River.

“We certainly monitor the forecast, but it’s important to know we manage our reservoirs for the water that’s already on the ground,” said Loch. “So we’re not going to make any actions until the conditions are real.”

Loch says the reservoirs were already filled up from spring snowmelt, and now water levels are rising after last weekend’s heavy rains.