MARSHALL (KMHL) – An area lawmaker is joining Republican leadership in the Minnesota house calling on Governor Walz to allow churches in Minnesota to reopen.

Rep. Chris Swedzinski (R-Ghent) says people are getting frustrated.

“You can 50 people on the outdoor patio, you can have 10 people at church, but make sure you don’t sing,” said Swedzinski. “I’d love to see the data. If this is about science, where does that come from?”

He adds that if crowds can be in big box retailers – then churches should be safe too.

“We don’t need people holding our hands for this stuff, I think by now if you don’t understand what you should or shouldn’t do, you haven’t been paying attention,” said Swedzinski. “Whether a catholic church does it, or a baptist church or a mosque, at the end of the day we’re free people and we have to make our own decisions.”

Swedzinski said the churches have plans where they could accommodate social distancing.

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt issued a similar call Thursday.