The over-under on the number of German shepherds you can deal with in a car is 0.5 . . . depending how much you like big dogs.

A woman in St. Petersburg, Florida named KeKe was dropping her kid off at daycare on Tuesday . . . when she briefly left her driver’s side door open.

Then, out of nowhere, three German shepherds dashed INTO her vehicle, and refused to get out.  KeKe said they were “holding the car hostage,” and she didn’t know what to do, so she called the police.

The cops showed up and they also struggled to get the dogs out.  In a post on Facebook, they said, “some dogs will do anything for a car ride.”  They eventually coaxed the German shepherds out using FISH STICKS.

The dogs DID get a ride . . . to the local animal urgent care, where they were watched until the owner was located.  It’s unclear what the owner’s story is, but we’re assuming they’d only be sent back to a good home.

In the comments, another local said, “This is not the first time these three have done this.  They jumped in my son’s car a couple of years ago.  He brought them home and we tracked down the owner.

“I babysat them till he came and picked them up.  They’re overly friendly dogs.”  (???)  (Interesting German shepherd situation down in St. Petersburg!)

By the way, it doesn’t sound like KeKe’s car was damaged, but it was a mess.

(Tampa Bay Times)

(And here’s KeKe’s photo of them in her car.  She also talked about the experience in an UNCENSORED, profanity-laden rant.)