A thief stole money from a baseball team’s swear jar.  (When asked to comment, several players . . . added money back in.)  (???)

A 34-year-old man from Pennsylvania named Kilyle Goode was just arrested for stealing from the Lancaster Stormers back in 2021.

The Stormers . . . then known as the Barnstormers . . . play at Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, and they reported multiple items missing, including a digital projector, an Alexa smart speaker, the team manager’s Bluetooth speaker, and around $200 from the team’s swear jar.

The thief also snagged the team CFO’s credit card . . . and attempted to make multiple charges . . . but all of them were declined except for a $26 cab ride.

It wasn’t hard to pin it on Goode.  He worked for the team at the time . . . and there’s security footage of him taking the items.

He was originally charged back in 2022, but he’s apparently spent the last two years on the run.  He was finally arrested last week in New York . . . and is being “extradited” to Lancaster.

(PennLive / Archive)