If you’re only listening to us to drown out the sound of traffic, you’re welcome.  We might be saving your life right now . . .

A new study found too much traffic noise can literally KILL you.  (!!!)  Probably not today though.  It’s a more gradual process.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania worked with experts in Europe to see how the sound of traffic affects our health.  And it’s not good.

They say case closed, the sound of horns and engines causes significant stress.  Which leads to heart disease, strokes, and other issues long term.

Commuting isn’t the only time we’re exposed to it.  The bigger impact might come from SLEEPING in an area with heavy traffic.  Especially if it wakes you up.

The added stress leads to more free radicals in your body.  That means “unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging.”  A lack of sleep can also cause inflammation, which causes high blood pressure.

They say cities should look at more ways to reduce noise pollution.  A related study found that for every 10 decibels of excessive noise you’re exposed to, your risk of cardiovascular disease increases by about 3%.

(EurekAlert / NY Post)