Schools used to worry about kids “smokin’ in the boys room.”  How times have changed . . .

A school in North Carolina just had to take drastic action to stop kids from spending all day in the bathroom . . . making TikTok videos.

Teachers at Southern Middle School in Graham, North Carolina noticed kids were asking to use the bathroom up to NINE times a day, and taking way longer than necessary.  (Graham is halfway between Greensboro and Raleigh-Durham.)

So administrators fixed the problem . . . by removing all of the bathroom MIRRORS.  (???)

They found out kids were using the mirrors to film their videos.  So they took them all down, and it actually worked.  Students are already taking fewer bathroom breaks and getting back to class a lot quicker.

One parent on Facebook said maybe they should put the mirrors back up and ban phones instead.  But another parent clarified that phones AREN’T allowed out during school.  Kids just can’t seem to follow that rule.  (WFMY / Unilad)