If you watch enough movies, it may seem reasonable to “fake your own death” to get out of any problems you’re dealing with.  But there’s a LOT more to it than NEVER BEING SEEN again.

A 39-year-old man in Kentucky named Jesse Kipf has just admitted to attempting to fake his own death . . . and he gave it a LOT of effort.

He’d accessed the Hawaii death registry system . . . using the details of a doctor living in another state . . . and created a case for his own death.  He assigned himself as the “medical certifier” for his own death, and then certified it.

Amazingly, that DID work . . . at first.  He was listed as deceased in many government databases.  The police say he was primarily faking his death to get out of paying more than $100K in child support to his ex.

It’s unclear how he was caught . . . but it sounds like he got a little too HACK HAPPY.  He was also accused of fraud for opening bank accounts with a false Social Security Number . . .

And he also hacked into business, government, and corporate networks with information he stole from others . . . and then attempted to sell the access to the networks online.

(Maybe it was a slippery slope, but if you just faked your own death, you MIGHT want to avoid attracting attention to yourself.)

He could’ve been sent to prison for 30-plus years, but he agreed to a plea deal to serve seven years, and pay $500,000 in fines, plus restitution.  He’ll be sentenced later this week.

(NBC News)