A man on TikTok has a HOTEL HACK for you:  Don’t leave your toothbrush out . . . if you don’t want the staff using YOUR toothbrush to clean the bathrooms.  (???)

A man named Lavell Jackson says that he recently stayed at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and the staff used his toothbrush to clean the bathroom.

How did he know?  He says, “As soon as it hit my mouth, I yanked it out.  The brushes were just crazy soft.  All outside brushes were pushed out, and the inside brushes were all over the place . . . it was very obvious.”

He says he complained, and the hotel was “nasty” to him about it . . . ultimately they offered him a $50 credit, and a new toothbrush.

He considers that a slap in the face.  (Which it is.  That suggests they were dubious of Lavell’s accusations, because otherwise you’d think they’d pony up more.)

The video has gone viral . . . and in the comments, many people say they HIDE their toothbrush at hotels, or they don’t have the staff come in to clean their rooms during their stay.

There’s no comment from Mandalay Bay or their parent company, MGM Resorts International.


(Here’s Lavell’s TikTok.)