The chances of you actually needing to help while seated in an exit row of an airplane are basically nil.  So just say “yes” and get back to enjoying that extra five inches of legroom . . .

Everyone on a Frontier flight out of Charlotte had to deplane after a woman in an exit row joked that she WOULDN’T help in an emergency.

She said out loud, “I’m not going to save anybody.  If something happens, I’m going to save myself first.”

Normally if you said that, they’d just move you to a different row.  But she ended up being a handful in more ways than one, so they kicked her off the flight.

A passenger posted footage of her arguing with flight attendants.  She kept yelling about getting home to babysit her grandson, and said she was calling her lawyer.

It’s not in the video, but she also apparently used the N-WORD at one point while accusing a white flight attendant of being racist.

The pilot eventually had to get police to escort her off.  No word on charges yet, but they led her across the tarmac in handcuffs.

(Daily Express)

(WARNING:  Unbleeped F-bombs and other profanity throughout the video.)