This seems like the worst “HIGH” ever.

A 46-year-old guy in the U.K. did a bunch of drugs . . . cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol . . . and then decided that he was going to get in his car, and teach BAD DRIVERS a lesson.  (???)

He went out onto a freeway and started DELIBERATELY crashing into cars . . . but not just anyone, “bad drivers” he thought were driving recklessly.  He was in a silver BMW 125, acting as “an enforcer of good driving.”  He told police he was sick of people, quote, “tailgating,” “lane-hogging,” and “driving slow.”

Of course, HE was not a pillar of safety.  In addition to crashing into the other cars, he was driving like a lunatic, at speeds up to 130 miles-per-hour.

The police say his rampage lasted about a half hour, and he crashed into NINE other vehicles . . . before he was finally caught and arrested.  Several victims were hospitalized, but thankfully no one died.