If you don’t trust artificial intelligence NOT to steal your job . . . would you trust A.I. to set you up in an ARRANGED MARRIAGE?

Dating apps have streamlined the matching and “meeting” porcess . . . for better or worse . . . and now, A.I. could even go on the dates FOR YOU.

The founder of Bumble says it could be possible in the “near future” to have an A.I. “dating concierge” . . . essentially an avatar . . . and that concierge could go on a date with another person’s dating concierge.

And they wouldn’t have to waste money . . . or a whole evening on a bad fit . . . they could breeze through hundreds of these “dates” in no time.  Then, they’d give you the person or people YOU should meet . . . in person.

Dating apps already use data and algorithms to help you find matches, so it’s unclear how these virtual A.I. dates would enhance that.  Maybe there would be virtual “conversations,” and the A.I. could make determinations based on HOW the other person’s avatar answers yours?

Also:  You’d be able to stay up all night talking to your concierge about the process . . . like, quote, “I’ve just come out of a break-up, I’ve got commitment issues.”

That information could further “train” the concierge . . . AND the A.I. could also give YOU tips and suggestions about how to communicate with dates in real life.

(Oh, fantastic.  So now, A.I. isn’t just stealing your day-job . . . it’s also stealing your role as a BFF.)

To be clear:  None of this concierge stuff is in the works RIGHT NOW, they’re talking about how it could become “future of dating” . . . sooner than later.

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(The question is:  Do these concierges PUT OUT on the first date?)  (???)