UltimateClassicRock.com put together a list of 40 of them.  Here are the highlights:

1.  “1984”,  Van Halen

2.  “Learning to Crawl”,  The Pretenders

3.  “Bon Jovi”,  Bon Jovi

4.  “Out of the Cellar”,  Ratt

5.  “Love at First Sting”,  Scorpions

6.  “Heartbeat City”,  The Cars

7.  “Reckoning”,  R.E.M.

8.  “Grace Under Pressure”,  Rush

9.  “Private Dancer”,  Tina Turner

10.  “Born in the USA”,  Bruce Springsteen

11.  “Purple Rain”,  Prince

12.  “The Last In Line”,  Dio

13.  “Ride the Lightning”,  Metallica

14.  “Powerslave”,  Iron Maiden

15.  “The Unforgettable Fire”,  U2

16.  “Perfect Strangers”,  Deep Purple

17.  “Reckless”,  Bryan Adams

18.  “Building the Perfect Beast”,  Don Henley

19.  “Agent Provocateur”,  Foreigner

20.  “Wheels Are Turnin'”,  REO Speedwagon