If you’re having people over . . . even if it’s just for a football game . . . most people try to clean their place a bit.  Lots of people probably don’t care . . . unless it’s your mother-in-law . . . but they MIGHT care about this stuff.

People on social media are talking about things that are “immediate red flags if people see them in someone’s home,” and there are some good ones.

1.  Pets that are not being cared for properly.  Like a litter box that hasn’t been cleaned in FOREVER.

2.  Animals inside . . . that are not indoor animals . . . or are not behaving like indoor animals.

3.  No hand soap in the bathroom.

4.  Not having hand towels.  Or not having clean ones.

5.  A dirty toilet.

6.  Trash piled beyond the trash can.

7.  Hoarding.  Most people seem fine with a little clutter and a sink with dirty dishes.  But it shouldn’t be gross.

8.  Unsecured guns.

9.  Someone joked, “Live, Laugh, Love” signs.

10.  This is a better one for decor:  “Anything in excess, moderation is key.”

(Buzzfeed / Reddit)