Who’s in the Wrong? A Couple Secretly Planned a Free Pop-Up Wedding at a Coffee Shop

Wedding venues are crazy expensive, so I’m surprised we don’t see this kind of thing more.  Or, maybe it’s a new trend and we will . . .

A coffee shop in Indianapolis called Mansion Society is in the news after a couple held a pop-up wedding there and didn’t ask permission.

They showed up with 20 to 30 guests, didn’t say anything, and just started the ceremony in one corner of the store.  Which the owners weren’t wild about, because it made it harder for customers to place orders.

They had an officiant, and their photographer told a barista to “wait” five minutes when they asked them to stop blocking the door.

The owners say they didn’t stop it because if footage of them interrupting a wedding went viral, the Internet might “cancel” them.

They posted a video after initially deciding not to.  They didn’t want to shame the couple online, but eventually opted to post the footage after the bride and groom refused to admit they did anything wrong.

The coffee shop does host private events, but they normally charge a $500 fee.  Once the bride was shamed for it, she offered them $200.  But when they asked for the full amount, she called it “unreasonable.”

Now people online are debating whether a sudden pop-up wedding like this is really a big deal or not.  The whole thing only lasted 20 minutes.

(WISH / NY Post)

(Here’s the video.)