There’s a NEW airline that’s starting up, which provides a first-class experience . . . for DOGS.

It’s called Bark Air, and yes, this is a real thing.  And it isn’t just an airline where dogs don’t have to be in crates in the cargo hold.  (This BLOWS THE DOORS off that.  Sorry, that’s a poor choice of words.)

The dogs are pampered with plenty of space, along with treats, earmuffs, and beverages . . . including a dog-friendly champagne and even a dog coffee.  (???)

This is a luxury charter airline so the prices are high.  It costs $8,000 for a one-way international flight, which includes one human companion.  It costs $6,000 for domestic trips.  But they’re hoping to get the prices down a bit as it scales.

There are only a few destinations to start:  New York City, Los Angeles, and London.  But they’re considering adding flights to Paris, Milan, Chicago, Seattle, and seasonal destinations in Florida and Arizona.

The co-founder says, “It’s a first-class experience for the dog, a business-class experience for people.  We cater everything to the dog, trying to lower their anxiety and their stress, so they have the most comfortable, fear-free experience.”

The initial batch of flights is already sold-out . . . and they’ve received about 15,000 requests for new destinations, so it seems like there is plenty of demand.

(The Hill)

(Reuters has a look at what this experience will be like.)