Have you ever wanted the thrill of opening PORCH PIRATE LOOT, without . . . you know . . . trespassing and stealing?

photo is making the rounds . . . showing a vending machine in Germany that sells unopened, mystery packages.  You don’t know what’s in them, they just look like random packages from Amazon.  And that’s basically what they are.

They contain returned or unclaimed merchandise from online retailers . . . stuff that no one wants.  The retailer doesn’t think they’re worth paying to have shipped back or restocked . . . especially if it’s supposed to go back to China.

It’s similar to the liquidation warehouses in the U.S. . . . or those sales where people can buy random palates of abandoned stuff for pennies on the dollar.

This vending machine is called “Mystery-O-Matic,” and it was in a train station.  It’s unclear how much the stuff was going for.  People in the comments say it’s a little like a mini version of “Storage Wars”

(Boing Boing)