Elon Musk is the world’s richest person according to “Forbes”, with a net worth of $230 billion.  But will he be the first person to hit THIS mark?

The world could see its first TRILLIONAIRE in the next 10 years.  That’s according to anti-poverty group Oxfam International.  Their annual report found the ultra-rich are still getting richer, and at a pretty quick clip too.

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, almost five billion people around the globe have gotten poorer.  But the five richest men have seen their wealth more than double, up 114%.

That includes Elon Musk . . . French businessman Bernard Arnault . . . Amazon founder Jeff Bezos . . . Oracle founder Larry Ellison . . . and investment guru Warren Buffett.  (“Forbes” says Buffett is actually sixth, behind Zuckerberg.)

To put $1 trillion in perspective:  A million one-dollar bills stacked up would be 358 feet high, and a billion would be about 68 MILES high.  That’s right around the edge of space.

A TRILLION one-dollar bills would be just under 6,800 miles high, or almost a third of the distance to the Moon.