As usual, Super Bowl ads are being either teased, or fully revealed online before the game.  Which really kills the surprise on game day, but that’s where we are now, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change.

So, here are the latest reveals:

1.  Edie Falco did an anti-dairy ad for PETA.  The gist is that dairy cows have their newborn calves taken from them, so that the milk that was meant for those calves can be used for human consumption instead.  (Check it out here.)




2.  Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson appear in a Hellmann’s mayonnaise ad that pokes fun at Pete’s dating history.


(Here’s the link.)





3.  David and Victoria Beckham are pretty funny in a teaser for their Uber Eats ad.  “Jessica” Aniston is going to be in it, too.