It’s Black History Month, so you’re probably hearing stories of people like Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil rights movement.  But her influence is even broader than that.

A recent poll asked 2,000 women . . . evenly split by generation . . . to name the “most inspirational famous women” in their lives.  And Rosa Parks is #1 overall.

Here’s how the Top 10 shook out:


1.  Rosa Parks

2.  Princess Diana

3.  Michelle Obama

4.  Oprah Winfrey

5.  Maya Angelou

6.  Beyoncé

7.  Queen Elizabeth the Second

8.  Serena Williams

9.  Selena Gomez

10.  Taylor Swift


(Before the Swifties get upset about Taylor coming in behind a contemporary like Selena Gomez, I should point out that it looks like Serena, Selena, and Taylor TIED . . . but the source doesn’t make that 100% clear.)