Pauly Shore played his short movie about Richard Simmons at the Sundance Film Festival.  It’s called “The Court Jester”, and it’s about 10 minutes long.

During the introduction, Pauly said that Richard actually texted him and wished him good luck with it.  Of course, last week Richard said he did NOT support Pauly making a full-length biopic about him.

In a separate interview, Pauly said all of this is coming from a place of LOVE.

Quote, “We don’t want to bug him.  We want him to be left alone and we don’t want to bug him.  We want to pay homage to him and kiss his feet and say he’s done beautiful stuff.”

If you want to see how Pauly will do as Richard, “The Court Jester” is now on YouTube.

(PROFANITY WARNING:  You can grab the Pauly video, and watch “The Court Jester”, here.)