I can barely motivate myself to take a walk, and other people out there want to make their workouts MORE intense?

Another new product from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is in the news:  Workout pants that deliver ELECTRIC SHOCKS while you exercise.

It’s kind of like the 2024 version of those gadgets that are supposed to give you a six-pack by shocking your abs while you binge-watch Netflix.  But to make the new electrified clothes work, you DO have to work out.

The brand is called WE-stim, and the shocks are apparently so slight, you don’t even feel them.  They’ve got a tiny bit of silver stitched in to take the static electricity from your own movement, and deliver a micro-current to your muscles.

They claim it reduces fatigue by 6%, and improves workout performance by up to 30%.  They also say it helps you recover post-workout.  They’re already available online for between $60 and $100.

(NY Post / Daily Mail)

(Here’s a video.)