This place bills itself as a “judgment-free zone.”  But of course, the Internet is NOT that.  So people online aren’t holding back . . .


A small town in New Hampshire is up in arms over a new business called The Diaper Spa . . . where clients wear diapers and pretend to be babies.  (???)


People who live nearby are worried it’s a fetish thing, and that the clients might be dangerous.  It also happens to be close to a park.


The owner is a licensed therapist and says that’s not what it is.  She claims it’s for people to get targeted therapy and work out issues from their childhood.  But some of the services on her site ARE sort of presented in a “fun” way.


There’s one called “ABDL Nursery Spa Care,” described as a “spa-like nursery experience for the little one inside of you.”  “ABDL” stands for “Adult Baby Diaper Lover.”  A two-hour session costs $600.


There’s also a “Virtual Play Date” for $200, where you do a Zoom call with a therapist.  And for $1,500, you can book a one-night “Diaper B&B” that comes with, quote, “top-notch care and PAMPERING services.”


More than 500 people signed an online petition to get the business shut down.  But at least one person who lives there doesn’t take issue with it.  A neighbor in early her 90s thinks people should chill out and said it doesn’t bother her at all.


The owner of The Diaper Spa says people tend to fear things they don’t understand, but the folks in her community are generally smart, reasonable, and understanding.  So she thinks the outrage will eventually die down.