I’d tell this guy “don’t quit your day job,” but he doesn’t have one now.  A museum in Germany announced they had to fire an employee after he hung up one of his OWN paintings in their modern art section.

He’s 51 and described as a former “technician” at the museum.  They say he was hoping it might help him break through as an artist.

It happened on February 23rd.  He went in after hours and hung the four-foot painting on an empty wall alongside works by people like Andy Warhol.

They haven’t said much else, or if his painting was any good.  They’re not commenting because they don’t want to encourage other people to try it.

He did get some exposure.  They noticed it mid-day, but decided to wait until they closed to take it down.  So it was part of the exhibit for a full eight hours.  But all they’ve said is the painting got NO positive feedback from visitors.

He had to drill two small holes in the wall to hang it.  So on top of losing his job, he could face charges for property damage.

(The Guardian)